Privacy Policy

Woobang Inc. safely and legally processes collected, and held personal information according to relevant regulations.Woobang Inc. (hereinafter the ‘Company’) considers customers’ personal information important, and is following regulations in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.The Company wishes to notify through the Privacy Policy why and how your personal information is used, and what measures are in place to protect personal information.When the Privacy Policy is modified, the Company will notify information subjects via website announcement (or individual notification).The following policy is effective from January 1st, 2016.

1. Collected personal information

The Company collects personal information as follows in the minimum range required for the service.

  • After care service inquiry: Customer information collected to reply to queries or provide guidance
  • Lot sale homepage: Customer information collected for consultation and providing data

Also, by allowing information subjects to select either 「I agree」 or 「I do not agree」 buttons for rejecting unauthorized email collection, collection/use of personal information, providing personal information to third parties and conducting personal information processing, and we assume that the information subject agrees to the above details when clicking the 「I agree」button.

2. Collection and purpose of use of personal information

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • AS inquiry

    • Personal information collection method: Website (A/S inquiry)
    • Essential information: Name, Apt. name (including building, unit no.), title, query details
    • Optional information: Email, phone number.
  • Cyber Audit Office

    • Essential information: Name, title, report details
    • Optional information: Email, phone no.
  • Lot sale website (interested customers)

    • Essential information: Name, phone no.
    • Optional information: Email, address
  • Collection method

    • Customer personally enters on the website

3. Retention period of personal information

In principle, the personal information collected is destroyed without delay once the purpose of the use is met. However, the following information is kept during the mentioned period for the following reasons. However, information that is required to be kept in accordance with the relevant regulations, and the duration are as follows.

  • Records on displayed advertisements: 6 months (Act On the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
  • Records on contracts or cancellation of contracts: 5 years (Act On the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
  • Records on payments and supply of goods: 5 years (Act On the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
  • Record on processing complaints or conflicts: 3 years (Act On the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.)
  • If a separate agreement was obtained from the user: period agreed upon

Personal information destruction process and method

In principle, the personal information collected is destroyed without delay once the purpose of the use is met. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows.

  • Destruction procedure

    • Printed Personal Information: shredded or incinerated
    • Personal Information saved as electronic files: permanently deleted with technology that does not allow replay of records.
  • Destruction method

    • Personal information that is saved as electronic files are deleted with technology that does not allow recovery of records.

5. On providing personal information to a third party

In principle, the company does not provide the user’s personal information outside the company. However, the following cases are exceptions

  • If the users have agreed to such provision in advance
  • If in accordance with regulations, or if there is a request by an investigative agency for investigation in accordance with stipulated procedure and method

6. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

  • Minimizing number of staff members dealing with personal information and education
    We are designating and minimizing the number of people dealing with the personal information, and are safely managing it through constant education/training.
  • Access control on personal information
    Granting, changing, and deletion of access authorization to the personal information processing database system is managed in accordance with company regulations to enable access restrictions to the personal information
  • Encryption of personal information
    Personal information is encrypted before being stored and managed. Also, there is a separate security system that allows encryption when saving or transmitting important data
  • Technical measures against hacking, etc.
    The company has a security program installed and performs regular refresh/maintenance to prevent leaking or damage of personal information through hacking, computer virus, etc., and has the system installed at a location inaccessible to the public while monitoring and blocking technical or physical access.

7. Rights of the information owner and method of exercise

The website user can always search or modify his/her personal information registered on the website.
If you request personal information modification due to an error, the personal information is not used or provided until the modification is complete.

Also, if incorrect information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the thid party of the modification without delay to allow correction. The company processes personal information that has been disabled or deleted as per the user’s request based on “Retention period of personal information” and blocking opening or usage for any other purpose.

8. Installation, operation, and rejection of personal information automatic collection device

We do not operate automatic personal information collection devices such as cookies, etc.

9. Civil complaint service regarding personal information

To protect personal information and process complaints related thereto, the Company has the relevant departments and personal information manager designated as follows.

  • Management department: Electronic Data Processing Team
  • Phone no.: 053-607-9195
  • Email:
  • Name of personal information manager : Director Choi Jae Myung

You can report all personal information-related complaints occurring from using the Company’s service to the personal information manager or management department. The Company will provide quick and sufficient responses to the reports.

10. Remedy for violation of information owner’s rights

Call the institutions below if your rights to personal information have been violated, or you need consultation,

  • KISA Personal Information Violation Report Center ( / 02-1336)
  • ePrivacy Certification Committee ( /02-580-0533~4)
  • Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Internet Crime Investigation Center ( /02-3480-3600)
  • NPA Cyber Terrorism Response Center ( /02-392-0330)
  • Cyber Police Department ( / 1566-0112)
  • Personal Information Protection Committee ( / 02-2180-3000